Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am Back!!

Ok so I know it has been forever since I last update my blog but things had been so crazy around here that I haven’t found much time until now. The last time I update we had just gotten back from Disney World and had a blast. On March 24th C had his Cochlear Implant turned on. It was amazing to see him react and hear for truly the first time.
He had a typical reaction of crying when it was turned on, and I loved it because at that moment I knew it worked.
He has been back to the Doctor one other time since it had been turned on, to have it turned up. Today he is hearing at normal levels. It is a lot more work then what I thought it would be. He is doing really well at keeping the implant on and only purposely takes if off when he is REALLY mad or if he wants attention. Bother and Sister are doing really good at leaving it alone. Although, I have caught L and D a few times trying to put it on their own heads to see what was the big deal.
Right now we are working with C and teaching him to listen and really hear. Though different therapy methods we hope he will pick up it up soon. If any readers of this post are fellow CI parents I would love to have any helpful tips or teaching methods.
Well I better get back to work. I promise to update a lot sooner next time because I still have so much to write about.

PS. In the next day or so I will upload the video we took of C having the implant turned on.

Much Love,