Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After...

Today is the day after Thanksgiving and I am back to work. Yuck!!! I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We had a great one spending lunch out at
Me maw and Papaw's (Hubby's grandparents) in DC and dinner with my family at my parents house.
I briefly thought about getting up early today to brave the crowds in search for a great deal but when my alarm went off at 5 am I quickly changed my mind and went back to bed. It has never felt so good to not spend $$.
Well there has been a little drama today in the B's house. We have now made our 2nd call to poison control. About an hour ago I received a phone call from my Hubby saying that babies are ok (not a good way to start off a conversation) they had figured out how to get the baby lock off the cabinet, which holds some household chemicals. The babies had pulled out the Comet cleaner and were playing in the powder, possibly ingesting some. Poison control said to give the babies a bath and water. WHAT?? Really that it's it, that was their advice??? Well not trusting their advice I have now call the ER, pediatrician, my Mom, My Aunt and My cousin (who is a nurse at the pedi ER). I have now learned that when your baby has ingested Comet cleaner you are suppose to give them a bath and give them water. It doesn't seem quit right in the simplicity of the advice but that it what we are doing.
This happened about 2 hours ago and the babies are doing great!! C has thrown up 2 times, early on but now is great. Now we are awaiting for his super powers to emerge.
This weekend my Husband and I will be off work, so if everything works out we will be picking out our Christmas tree and decorating the house for the holidays.

Much Love

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