Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bye, Bye

So earlier today while I was at work I got this e-mail from my Mom:

"Tanna, your dad was just leaving and he was waving and saying bye bye to the babies... all the sudden C waves right at him and looked and said "bye bye" and waved again! It was plain as day! I've never heard him actually say bye bye and know he knew what it meant, have you??? I can tell he did!"

C has had his CI since March 24, so he is considered 4 months old in hearing. He now says Mumma and Bye Bye!!

Much Love,



Lacey said...

That's wonderful, Tanna. Hooray for Colton!!

tammy said...

Yay Colton! Aren't these milestones just amazing!!! One little step at a time!

~triplets+3~in real life ~ said...


That is so great!

Yeah Colton! :)

Val said...

awww, love it. And one day he'll look back and say "bye, and can I have 20 bucks?" lol, the bad part is it'll never be just'll be sixty!

Jennifer said...

YEAH for Colton!!! It's just amazing. It's just keeps getting better.