Saturday, September 11, 2010

School Days

Summer is over and now we are all trying to get into a new routine with the trio going off to school.

Colton has started attending the local Regional Day School for the Deaf. Since he has profound hearing loss in both ears he qualified to attend this special class for hearing impaired children. He started at the end of August and is adjusting nicely. I was worried at first due to this was going to be the first time he has ever stayed with someone besides family. He only says about 5 words and even though he uses sign language he doesn't use the sign properly so it makes it tough for stranger to understand what he wants or needs. He has been attending now for 2 weeks and everyday it gets better. The bus picks him up at 7am and then drops him off at 3:45pm. He loves his teacher and I feel that she is truly a good match for him. She doesn't put up with his fits and doesn't baby him because he can't hear. There is only one other student in Colton's class so they get lost of one-on-one attention.

Colton's First Day.

Colton playing in classroom.

Lincoln and Kota started Pre-school this past week and they go Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-12pm. I felt that they needed a chance to attend school and I didn't want them feeling left out. They LOVE school and now ask me every morning if it is time to go back.

Lincoln and Kota. They wouldn't put their toast down:)

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