Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Possibilities

When we first learned Colton was deaf we tried focusing on the things he could do, rather than things he couldn't do.  When Colton received his Cochlear Implant we were warned high impact sport were not a good option for him. With high impact sports there is the possibility Colton's internal processor could be damaged, which in turn could cause long term damages to his hearing.  Gary(Dad) and I are very athletic and we had hoped that our children would follow in our foot steps and be active in sports. With Colton's implants we knew some sports, like football, would be off limits but we wondered which sports would be a good fit for him.

Last year we learned of a new Texas Tech basketball player who wore a Cochlear Implant.  In 2011 Luke Adams started playing for the Texas Tech basketball team, after walking on.  When I learned about Luke I was so inspired by his story.  I knew I had to get my kids to a basketball game. My Mother-In-Law sent an e-mail to Texas Tech's head basketball coach requesting a meeting with Luke.  We were so excited when we learned that they were going to let us meet him before a game.  We were allowed to go down to the court, as the team was warming up and met Luke.  He is such a nice and welcoming young man.  I was so honored to be able to met him and it opened my eyes to all of Colton's future possibilities.

After meeting Luke, we signed the triplets up for outdoor soccer.  Lets just say, the athletic bone may have skipped a generation, LOL.  My kids are not the star of the soccer field but they did have fun and we had fun watching them.  To prevent Colton's implants from falling off during a game, we had him wear a white sweat headband. We learned this little trick from Luke.  This spring we are going to sign the kids up for baseball and we hope that is a better fit.

Much Love,

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