Monday, December 8, 2008

"I dreaming of a Brown Christmas..."

It's December and here in West Texas we don't have snow storms we have dirt storms. YAY!!! Don't you wished you live her too. On my way home from work the winds were gusting at 50 mph causing me to dodge tumble weeds jetting out in front of the car. AND in the midst of all the dirt blowing it rained for about 5 minutes. Just long enough for the cars to get wet so that the blowing dirt could turn into mud and stick to my car. Woohoo, I love it!!

Today we were invited to the ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) Christmas party. We missed last years party, due to the fact the babies weren't very old and I was afraid of them getting sick. So, I was happy that all worked out so we could attend this year. The party was a lot of fun and it was nice to take the babies to see Santa. D and C liked Santa(kinda) but L really disliked him. I was all very cute and as soon Gee(Grandma) emails me the pic's I will post them.
OMG, at the party there was a baby there that looked like it JUST left the NICU. I couldn't believe it. The poor little thing was hooked up to an apnea monitor and oxygen. What were the parents thinking??? Then, they let Santa hold her so they could get a picture. WHAT??? After Santa has held all the dirty, germy kids at the party they then let him to hold their preemie baby. I couldn't believe it. What idiots. I'm still dumbfounded. Oh and the parents were in their 40's so they were old enough to know better.
OMG only 16 days left until Christmas. I really need to get on the ball and get some Christmas stuff done!!

Much Love,


Jennifer said...

Having preemies sure makes us more aware of other preemies and their parents decisions. SOmetimes I see babies out and it takes all my strength to not say something!

Nicole O'Dell said...

WOW, that's unbelievable about that baby. I wonder if someone connected with EI should have said something.

mandal said...

Yea...gotta love the dirt storms. Ughh! I'm glad to have found your blog! Your babies are adorable and getting so big:) I'm adding you to my blog list right now:)