Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Sick

Grrrrr, the babies are still sick!!! I am SICK of all of them being sick. It has been 12 days since the first symptom and here we are, STILL sick.

C is getting better but he has a yeast, diaper rash due to all of the diarrhea. So I have been putting yeast cream on his little rear-end and it is already looking a lot better. L is good but is still pulling on his ear and has a low grade fever of around 100. D has been having fever for the last 2 days and at night it has been spiking to almost 104. I called the Dr and she has only one opening tomorrow so see a baby, so it looks like D is the lucky one but I am going to take L with me in hope that she will check him out also.

Well Christmas was interesting. Hubby got the stomach virus on Tues. Our In-Laws that stayed with us started getting the virus Wed morning. It wasn't a pretty sight seeing everyone fighting for the bathroom. I got a touch of the virus but not bad at all, while everyone was throwing up and having diarrhea I just had a sore stomach, thank the Lord!!

Well in this post I have included a picture of C with his tractor he got from his Granny. With all the craziness on Christmas I only got one picture and this is it. Can you believe this is the babies 2nd Christmas and I got ONE picture and just of C. Well I guess you know who my favorite baby is. HEHE!! PS. See the pile of puked on cloths in the background...Yuck!!

Much Love,


rachael said...

oh no, i hope everyone feels better very soon!

Newmanville said...

Bless your heart. What a way to spend Christmas. I think you guys deserve a do over. =)

Jennifer said...

Sorry you were all sick for Christmas. The puking is the WORST! Hope you all feel better soon.