Monday, January 19, 2009

18 Month Well Check...

On Friday the babies had their 18 month well check, even though they will be 19 months on the 22nd of this month. With last month being so busy this was the closest we could get to the 18 month mark. The Pedi said they are all looking really good for being born 11 weeks early. The Pedi said she would have never thought L and D were preemies just by looking at them. C is a little more behind since he isn't walking yet and due to the hearing loss he isn't speaking but other than that Pedi say C looks great.

Height 31" 25%
Weight 20 lbs 11 oz 3%
Head Circumference 18 1/2 inches 45%
Teeth: 14
Says about 20 words
Signs Language 10 signs

Height 31.2" 25%
Weight 20 lbs 9 oz 3%
Head Circumference 18 1/2 inches 45%
Teeth: 16
Signs Language 6 signs

Height 31.2" 50%
Weight 20 lbs 5 oz 10%
Head Circumference 18 1/2 inches 50%
Teeth: 12
Says about 40-50 words
Signs Language 15 signs

We are finally all on the growth curve!! YAY!!

We had GREAT weather over the weekend so we spent Sat and Sun outside. Here are a few pictures:

Triplets and Twins (my Sister's Girls) in Aunt T's Backyard:

D and Cousin:

Eating Snacks at Table:


L Playing in the Dirt:


Much Love,



jori-o said...

It's my first time visiting, triplets?? I bet you get that alot. My little dude (singular) is about the same age as your babies, and he is crazy! So you are my hero. No, really. =)

jori-o said...

ps--your babes are adorable!!

Jennifer said...


Cormac is the first person in our family to have hearing loss. They don't believe it has anything to do with being born early because he wasn't that early and his brothers are fine. He also wasn't any any high doses of antibiotics which can cause hearing loss. Chances are we might never know what caused his hearing loss but we want to check and see if it was genetic. It's just a simple blood test but has to be drawn by a genetic specialist. Your implant center could probably direct you to a doctor if you chose to have him tested.

As for the parts, just send me your address and I will mail them out to you. Don't worry about the postage. My email is I don't want you to post your address on the blog! I will check for extra coils as well. We went through a lot of them in the beginning and they are $35 a pop and not covered by insurance!

Rachael said...

they are just about the same size as my little ones :) love the pics of everyone!

Val said...

Wow, you are a busy young lady!! Glad your little one will be getting the ci on the fourth...we are supposed to get one on the second (he's already had one before, this is his other ear though). Good luck, we'll be checking back in. Are you on Deaf Village? just click submit blog if you're not.