Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Today I have been introduced to a great idea. Nichole over at What a Trip started Thanksgiving Thursdays were you list 10 things you are Thankful for this week. Here I go...

1) C being such a good boy when getting his CT scan
2) My Mom for watching the trips while I work
3) Mindy is preggers
4) My Hubby brought milk home without me even asking
5) D is now calling me Momma, again
6) Good Insurance
7) Making it through first day of diet
8) L's Kisses
9) Grey's Anatomy is new tonight
10)The Lords Love

Much Love,



Nicole O'Dell said...

Wonderful list! I really like the exercise of having to think about it. Thanks for joining in and congrats on day one of your diet!

AmberP said...

Oh nooooo Grey's is new tonight?!
I am stuck at work :(
Well that is a great list!
congrats on getting through day one on the diet... it's a one day at a time kinda thing! You can do it :)

The Thompson's said...

Hello there. Found you thru Nicole. You may have read about me on her blog. I enjoyed your blog very much and will come back often.

Please feel free to visit us anytime. If you enjoy reading our blog also feel free to follow along.

Our prayers are with you, your family, and especially your triplets. They are so beautiful.

The Thompson's said...

Oh yes and the Greys comment was GENIOUS!! We love that show!