Thursday, January 29, 2009

Only 6 more days until C Gets His Cochlear Implant

I can't wait!!! Tomorrow C and I will make a trip to the hospital to fill out paper work and to let them do a pre-op exam. We were suppose to have this done on Monday but due to the nurse writing our appointment down wrong we missed the appointment and had to reschedule. Last night I had a nightmare due to the mix up with the appointments. I dreamed that we missed his surgery so the Dr refused to reschedule. It makes me sick to my stomach just to think of that happening.

In other news all the babies are doing great!! ECI(Early Childhood Intervention) is kicking D and L out of their program because they are doing so well. C will be with ECI until he is 3 years old because of his hearing loss and then at 3 he will go to a special pre-school that is better equipped to handle his hearing loss.

There is an RSV Outbreak in Lubbock...
Ok, well not really and outbreak but per my pedi she said this is the worst she has ever seen it. Just this last week I know of 7 children who have been diagnosed with RSV, two of those are my sister's girls. Luckily we have dodged the path of the dreaded RSV and I pray that we can keep the babies healthy at least until after C's surgery.


1) I found my all of my old Baseball cards and just by skimming through they value over $100.
2) C’s CI is in only 6 days.
3) My Mom is on the mend from having a BAD kidney infection. She was in the hospital for 5 days.
4) My house is clean
5) Went to a concert on Sunday. It was soooo much fun!!
6) My MIL who has been watching the babies for me while Huby and I work.
7) American Idol
8) I am very thankful I am not the mom who just had octuplets.
9) My Sister being my best friend.
10) The playground equipment I found for $50. I got a castle play house with slide and a smaller play house that has a kitchen table


mandal said...

Hey Girl! Here is Denae's website! You should so let her take your precious babies pictures. She would love to do triplets!!!

Nicole O'Dell said...

I'm so excited for you and Colton! KUP on how everything goes!!!

Great TT list! I love American Idol, too! (I'm goign to add you to Mr. Linky, ok?

Great pics!

Jennifer said...

OMG! Six more days. Lock him up until the surgery so he doesn't get sick! Don't be surprised if Colton can attend a mainstream preschool at 3. That's right where Cormac is headed. He will receive support services outside of the classroom (TOD, ST) but in school he will just be another kiddo with an FM system!

Helen said...

Totally agree on #8! Especially now that it's come out that mom already had 6 kids under the age of 7! Gahh!!

Oh yes, and your comment on my blog last night? Well, read this morning's post.... lol!

Lucas'Mommy said...

6 more days! How exciting! Good luck! Lucas had RSV at 3 months of age, and it was awful. I pray that your triple babies can dodge it! Good luck on the 6th!

Zack & Monica said...

Oh Tanna! I love are the most positive person I know. :)