Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday, And Other Notes...

Here is my second post for Thanksgiving Thursday but before I begin I want to catch you all up on the results from Colton's CT scan.

Sorry I am just now posting on the results but I just now have some free time to post. We got his results on Tuesday and we got great news. C's ears look great, he had no fluid, no scar tissue and nothing that would prevent the Cochlear implant from working. I asked the Dr. if his ears look so good, what caused his hearing loss? The Dr said since hearing loss doesn't run in our families he has no idea what the cause. It could have been caused in the womb, him being born premature, from the vent, from the blood transfusions or any of the med's that he was given to keep him alive. Even without knowing what caused the hearing loss I would have done it all again to have him here with me now healthy and happy.
We scheduled his surgery for Feb. 4th and I can't wait! They will only put one implant in one ear for now and then in 6 months to a year later they will do the second implant for the other ear. It should be an outpatient surgery, so if all goes well he will be home by that night. The Dr. said he should be in bandies for about 4 days and then 10 days after the surgery they will turn the implant on.
Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Dr. who will be mapping(programing) the implant and picking out which implant we are going to go with. Once I post this update I will be doing a little research on the different implants, so when I go in tomorrow I look like I know what I am talking about: )
I have high hopes for C to hear once he has the surgery. It will not be an easy process but it will be worth it when I hear him say his first word.
There is a blog(The Lawrence Triplets)that I follow regularly and the author is the mother of a set of BBB triplets. One of her precious sons also has profound hearing loss and has had the Cochlear implant surgery. This brave little boy has been such an inspiration to me. If you have time you should stop by her blog and see how amazing the Cochlear implant is(it doesn't help that her little boy is VERY smart).

Thanksgiving Thursday:
1) Great Friends!!!
2) Our Family Disney Vacation is only 46 days away.
3) C's good CT results
4) The start of American Idol
5) Daddy teaching D a new word "Apple"
6) I am off tomorrow
7) Tomorrow is Payday
8) My brother started his new job this week
9) Hubby's 85 year old Grandpa had knee surgery this week and he is home doing great.
10)God's Love

PS. Tomorrow the babies will also be having their 18 month check up so I will try to post ASAP to let you know how that went.

Much Love,



Newmanville said...

That is great news. I'll be thinking about you and your little wonder boy!

Nicole O'Dell said...

That is great news! I'll be praying!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I am so excited for you and Colton! Having a date set is so exciting. Please let me know if you have any questions about your hospital visit. I will be glad to share our experience with you. I got all teary eyed reading your post. I know Cormac has a big purpose in life and I think it just might be inspiring people. He seems to have that effect. THanks so much for the mention. Maybe someday the boys could meet each other. I would love to show him another set of triplets with one with implants just like him!