Monday, January 5, 2009

Today I Bit It...

For those of you who don't live in West Texas this morning we woke up to streets covered in ice. After leaving the babies at my Mom's for the day, I was returning to my car and I bit it HARD on the ice. Ouch!! I fell hard and when doing so scraped up my elbow, cut my finger, bruised my hip and somehow on my way down I keyed my own car. Thank the good Lord I wasn't holding a baby.
We really have to watch what we say round D. She is repeating everything!! She has also started to call me Tanna and not Momma. We are working on correcting her but so far it isn't working: )
L is doing great. I hate to say it we call him our little Diva, much to his father’s dismay he is a bit of a drama queen. Although this week Lincoln has made his Father proud, he has been purposely burping. Yes, you have read right, he takes a drink and then lets it rip. Hubby has tried to convince me he did not teach L this lesson but I find that hard to believe.
C goes on Wednesday to have a CT scan. Before we can schedule his Cochlear implant surgery they have to make sure he has all the working parts of the ear. Wish us luck!!! He is such a sweet boy and I can't wait until he can hear.

Much Love,


Newmanville said...

Jackson calls me Lacey if I don't respond to Mommy right away. Cute post. Sorry you fell. Falling stinks!!

Rachael said...

sounds like your little ones are as much fun as mine are right those personalities! good luck with the ct!