Sunday, February 15, 2009


You know what I keep buying and I have no idea why because it doesn't even work?? Saran Wrap. I hate it.
The sharp edge on the box is "meant" to cut through the plastic wrap, which never works, and I end up cutting my finger on the jagged edge instead of the plastic. How does the jagged edge cut my finger but can't cut through the plastic wrap?
After I have mopped up the blood and bandaged my wound, I grab the torn piece of plastic (that is 2 sizes too big) and start to cover my leftovers. Per the description on the box, the plastic wrap is suppose to cling to the container you are covering, which is a poor evaluation of its performance. I don't know but maybe I am applying the plastic wrap improperly because I have never gotten the wrap to "cling" to my storage container.
From this day on out I vow to never buy Saran wrap again!

Much Love,



Newmanville said...

I hear ya, sister! So began my love affair with Press and Seal Wrap.

Michele S said...

I won't use it because of the whole plastic thing. I use aluminum foil, except you might cut your arm off on the sharp edge. Hee hee.

Connor's Mom said...

I like tupperware. It has no sharp edges.


mandal said...

That is funny! And so true. I love that you blogged it:)

~ MJ ~ said...

UGH I know exactly what you mean!
My mom introduced me to that new stuff press and seal. It does work.

Kristi said...

That's why I LOVE press and seal! I HATE saran wrap! Get some and try it, it's amazing stuff!