Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sorry, Possible TMI...

Sorry this post may have TMI but I need to "blog it out" and it would be nice to get some advice.
When I was 21 I found out that I had PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome). Due to PCOS I've always had a very irregular period and when we started trying to have a baby we had fertility issues. All my life I have never had a regular period but over the last 4 months I've had a period every 30 days and ovulated every 17th day. This has never happened to me. Gary and I want another baby but with the triplets only being 19 months old we really aren't ready to start trying for another one. BUT then again after going through all the fertility treatment I would love to get pregnant in a more natural way and do I even need to mention there being a better chance at having a singleton.

This is were I am torn and need advice. We really don't want to start trying for another baby until the summer but if we wait that long my cycle may get all jacked up and then we will have to use fertility drugs again to get pregnant. So that would mean more $$$$ and a possibility of a multiple pregnancy.

So there's my problem. What if we don't take the chance now and it never comes around again?? Thanks for reading!!

Much Love,



Jaime said...

Tanna, I completely understand where you are coming from as I also have PCOS and had to resort to fertility treatments to conceive my triplets. Unlike you though, I've always had a regular cycle but the doctors couldn't figure out if I was ovulating or not. Anyhow, if you and your husband know that you want another one, you might as well try if the getting is good with your regular cycle and all. I strongly feel that things happen for a reason and at the right time so if this isn't the right time, you probably won't get pregnant! Good luck with your decision, whatever choice you make.

Kimberly H. said...

The triplets are 19 months old now, and you will be pregnant for roughly ten months. If you get pregnant next month the triplets will be roughly two and a half when the baby arrives. All my children are spaced roughly two and a half years apart and it works really well for us. You will make the right decision for your family. Trust yourself.

Kristi said...

I have pcos too, so I know exactly where you're coming from.
I'm in a place right now where there is NO WAY I could handle another baby. I have far too much on my plate right now. Plus, I already have 4, which for now at least, is plenty for us.
But if YOU feel like you could handle it, and if it's only a matter of waiting a few months to start trying, then heck yeah I'd start trying now! You've obviously already decided you want to have another baby in the near future, and since your cycles are being good and behaving right now (LOL) then maybe now's the time to start trying?
You two will make the right decision for your family.

~Crys~ said...

Just wanted to say that you are one strong momma, and should be pretty proud of yourself!!! I say go for it, it could take a couple months anyway! But I really do believe everything happens for a reason!

Also your kids are adorable!!!