Monday, February 23, 2009

We Have RSV

I had a feeling over the weekend that the babies were getting sick and when I woke up to couching and snotty nosed babies I put a call in to their Dr. When I called their pediatrician I was told that she was out sick and the earliest the babies could be seen was Wednesday. I requested an earlier spot but was told that wouldn't be possible unless it was an emergency. I wanted to tell the nurse it was an emergency because in 8 days we are leaving for Disney World but instead I told a little white lie and said that the babies had played with their cousin earlier this week and now their cousin has RSV. Once I informed the nurse the babies had been exposed to RSV she quickly made us an appointment for later that day.

Since our pedi was out sick we had to see her back up and she was an odd Dr. She came in, examined the babies by looking at them and told us they had a bad cold. Her medical advice was to just suction their noses out and they would be fine in a few days. I told the Dr. I thought they had RSV but she pushed it off like I was just being overly protective. At that point I decided to use my white lie, that we were exposed to RSV earlier in the week. She reluctantly had the nurse swab D's nose to test for RSV, all the while letting us know they just had little colds. Wouldn't you know it, my Motherly instinct was correct and they do have RSV. Isn't terrible that I had to tell a lie to get the treatment that my babies needed?

Now I am just praying that we can get them healthy by next Monday because that is when we leave to go to Disney World. Until recently we were unsure if the trip was even going happen but the Lord worked things out, making it possible. Hubby and I are probably crazy to taking 3, 20 month old's to Disney World but we have never been and we couldn't wait any longer.

Please pray that we all get healthy fast!!

Much Love,



Triplets + 3 ~ In Real Life ~ said...

I will be praying they all get better.. and SOON!

Jennifer said...

Hoping for a speedy recovery. RSV can be scary. Hang in there. Good for you for sticking to your motherly instincts and insisting something was wrong.

Kristi said...

Oh no! I know typically RSV isn't something babies get over quickly, but I'll pray that they get over it REALLY fast! I'd hate for them to be sick at Disney World!

Good job sticking to those mommy instincts! You rock!

Lani said...

Hope they feel better QUICKLY! Have fun at Disney:)