Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Good Things...

1) L learned to blow his own nose. WooHoo!!

2) Today I used the sign language word "Thank You" without even thinking. You may be thinking, big deal but to me it is a big deal. Since I have a son who can't hear we have to use sign language to help communicate with him.
When I am talking to C I have to remind myself to sign and when I am signing I have to translate my words to sign language in my head before producing the sign. But not today. Today when I was talking to a co-worker I signed "Thank You" without even thinking about it first. It was like the sign was just part of the word. Sign language is become a second language for me. :)

Much Love,


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Connor's Mom said...

That's great! I've gotten to the point now that I have to remind myself that other people don't understand SEE-- so if someone is on the phone or across a crowded room I can't just sign what I want to them.

Also its really weird when you start dreaming in it.