Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update On C

It has been 3 days since C's Cochlear Implant surgery and he is doing great. Sorry I'm just now getting around to giving an updating on C so here goes...
As you know C's surgery was Wednesday and we had to be up at the hospital at 6 am. Even though the surgery's estimated start time was 8 am he wasn't taken back until 8:40 am. C was great with all the nurses and Dr's, as long as they took their surgical caps off (C is terrified of people with hats on, with exception to baseball hats). When the nurses took him back for surgery he was all smiles and waves. Mommy on the other hand was in tears. Wow, it was hard watching the medical team carry him off.
At 10:22 am the Dr. came to the waiting room to tell us everything went great. As the Dr walked us through the procedure he showed us actual pictures of C's ear, which I convinced the Dr to give me so I could put them in his baby book. Once I have time to scan them in I will post them for you all to enjoy.
Since C recovered so well, we were allowed to take him home that day and had him checked out by 12:30 pm. Can you believe that after such major surgery he was out just after noon?
Today has been the worst day so far since the surgery. He threw up two times and I have noticed he isn't as steady on his feet and acts like he is getting a little dizzy if he moves too fast. I called the Dr. and since C has no fever and the incision site looks good they said not to worry that with the CI surgery this could happen.
Tomorrow my MIL brings back the other two babies, so I will no longer be a Mommy to a singleton, I will be a Mommy of multiples again. I miss L and D sooooo much but it was nice to have the last few days with just C. I think he has enjoyed it also, not having to fight for toys or attention. Here are a few pictures of C before and after surgery...

Daddy and C Before Surgery

C waiting to be taken back for surgery. He is playing with a gas mask that a Dr. gave him to play with so he would be less scared when they used it to put him to sleep.

C after the Dr. marked his ear.

C going home. As you can see his right ear has no bandage on it due to he kept pulling it off. When C is sleepy he loves to play with his hair, which the bandage covered.

Home after surgery. I was finally able to keep a large band-aide over his ear.

Friday. Incision site

His little head is swollen.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!!

Much Love,



Connor's Mom said...

I'm so glad Colton is doing well!

I've noticed that it always seems Connor's procedures and tests where they have to put him are way harder on me than they are on him. He's usually fine, and I'm trying desperately not to snatch him off the table and run away with him.

We have similar pictures of Connor's adrenal gland and kidney. Jer figures they'll make great show-and-tell topics.


Connor's Mom said...

Sorry. That should read "put him under," as in anethesia. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

That'll teach me not to proofread my comments.

Jaime said...

I'm so glad to hear that Colton's surgery was a success and I hope he is back to his old self soon!

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Poor little guy. The nice thing about surgery when they are little is that they rebound QUICK. Still, it's always tough to go through.

I'm really glad that you understand my knitting tutorials. You might be the only one...!!

Jennifer said...

He looks great! I am sure he is missing his siblings. You are lucky he got to come home the same day. When is activation day?